Brio Tower - Towers

One of the notable features of Brio Tower is that it uses the Lumiventt Design, a pioneering technology for high-rise structures. Lumiventt is from “lumen” which means light and “ventus” which means wind. This technology allows for ambient light and air to permeate all unit spaces within. It does not only improve the aesthetics of the building but it also gives residents a relaxing feeling, adding to their quality living experience.

Building Features:

  • Asian contemporary design
  • Single-loaded corridors
  • Sky Patio as well as landscaped atriums for every five floors
  • Breezeways for each floor
  • 6 high-speed elevators
  • 100-percent backup power for all common areas and units
  • Fire hose cabinets along the corridors
  • Fire exits in both wings
  • Fire alarm system
  • Automatic fire sprinkler system
  • Suppression system

All the spaces and units at the Brio Tower are well-planned for sustainability and efficient spacing.

1 Bedroom A

  • Floor area: 24 sqm
  • Bedroom: 8.25 sqm
  • Price range: P2.33M to P2.85M

1-Bedroom with Balcony

  • Floor area: 28.5 sqm
  • Bedroom: 8.25 sqm
  • Price range: P2.33M to P2.85M

1 Bedroom B (end unit with balcony)

  • Floor area: 36 sqm
  • Bedroom: 10.10 sqm
  • Price range: P2.65M to P3.16M

1 Bedroom C (with balcony)

  • Floor area: 45 sqm
  • Bedroom: 12.70 sqm
  • Price range: P2.73M to P3.24M

2 Bedroom A (with balcony)

  • Floor area: 57.50 sqm
  • Bedroom 1: 10.75 sqm
  • Bedroom 2: 7.10 sqm
  • Price range: P4.22M to P5.40M

2 Bedroom B (with balcony)

  • Floor area: 57.50 sqm
  • Bedroom 1: 10.60 sqm
  • Bedroom 2: 6.20 sqm
  • Price range: P2.73M to P2.82M

2 Bedroom C (with balcony)

  • Floor area: 58 sqm
  • Bedroom 1: 11.65 sqm
  • Bedroom 2: 7.35 sqm
  • Price range: P4.21M to P5.33M

3 Bedroom (end unit with balconies and 2 toilet and baths)

  • Floor area: 84.50 sqm
  • Bedroom 1: 12.20 sqm
  • Bedroom 2: 9.30 sqm
  • Bedroom 3: 6.40 sqm
  • Price range: P5.96M to P6.97M

Unit Finishes:

Upon turnover, all units are almost ready for occupancy. You just need some basic finishing touches.

Here are the unit finishes upon delivery:

Bedrooms – The flooring for the bedrooms is vinyl planks with baseboard. There are already partitioned walls which also have a painted finish.

Kitchen, living and dining areas – These high-traffic areas already have homogenous floor tiles with baseboards. The kitchen has a granite countertop and a cabinet system. There is also provision for a gas range hood.

Toilet and baths – The flooring for the toilet and bath is made of ceramic floor while the walls are partly made of wall tiles and painted cement finish. The ceiling is also made of a durable ficem board. Moreover, it comes with a granite lavatory and mirror cabinet as well as a one-piece type water closet.

Doors – For the main entrance, it uses an extra tough and durable wooden panel door. The same type of door is also used for the toilet and bath. The bedroom door uses an aluminum framed glass panel while the door to the balcony is made of aluminum glass panel.

Ceiling and Walls – The ceiling and walls already look great with painted finish

Windows – aluminum-framed glass panel and insect screen

Each unit also has provision for window-type and split-type air conditioning units.

Regardless of your status in life, whether you are single, a couple, have small kids, or have a medium-sized family, there are units at the Brio Tower that meet your needs. As it is situated in the busy Makati district, it is an ideal home for students, employees, executives or business owners in the area.